Star Trek: The Dark Age

By the mid 25th century, they were everywhere.

Quantum Slipstream Drives.

Brought back by the U.S.S. Voyager from her travels into the Delta Quadrant. Perfected at Federation research laboratories and eventually exported or stolen to others outside the UFP.

They offered travel at speeds previously unheard of. They ushered in a new era of exploration and expansion.

They also woke a sleeping dragon.

They were the B’hurag – enormously powerful extradimensional beings who were normally content to allow the lower life forms of the galaxy to do as they pleased.

But the Quantum Slipstream Drive emits a type of energy wave that crossed the dimensional barrier to where these beings lived – a wave that caused them utter agony.

And when enough starships in our galaxy emitted that wave, the B’hurag decided to act.

They ripped their way into our dimension and wrought a havoc upon our entire galaxy the likes of which had never before been seen in living memory.

They did not just destroy planets or even political entities, they not only erased whole cultures and peoples, but they were cruel, savage, ferocious, capricious, mercurial and most of all evil in a sense of the word rarely ever seen.

Cries of mercy fell on deaf ears as they sought to punish us all so harshly we would never transgress again.

And when it was all over – everything lay in shambles. Whole societies and entire species in some cases were flung all the way back to the stone age. Still others fought to cobble together the resources they had left in a desperate attempt at survival in a galaxy that quickly became as savage and heartless as the B’hurag themselves.

Now it is 300 years later, and on a lonely, far-flung planet that has spent the last 300 years clawing back from the abyss an old style rocket ship is poised to send explorers to the nearest of that world’s moons.

But instead they will find something else…and in so doing perhaps bring light once again to the eternal night.

Star Trek: The Dark Age

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