Star Trek: The Dark Age

Apr 12 '74

Once again past the Belt the Praetorian receives distress call from Lyman Brody of the freighter Daddy’s Little Girl which is under attack from Nausciaan raiders.

The ship engages the raiders destroying one and disabling another, while one escapes. The damaged ship confiscated for examination.

The crew of the destroyed raider boards DLG. A security team led by Sanders is sent to the DLG where they neutralize the Nausciaan threat with no Praetorian casualties.

Upon investigation the raiders are found to be far below the technology of the Praetorian and it is a wonder that they were even able to fly.

Capt. Brody brought aboard for medical attention. Lt. Cdr. Coltraine and engineering team board DLG for repairs to find that the tech is not as advanced as the Praetorian. Brody’s crew is entirely comprised of androids that seem to be either malfunctioning or malprogrammed.

Capt Brody tells Dru of The Syndicate and shares and updated star map. He suggests she fly to Echo Drift and to find a Grazerite named Barnabas for more info on the Cataclysm then sets off to deliver cargo.

Crewman Giles, the engineer assigned to Transporter duty, inadvertently transports and destroys notes belonging to Lt. Cdr. Danvers. When questioned, it is revealed that he has greatly pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be the upper limits of the transporter’s capabilites.

Sanders finds an illicit poker game run by Lt. Cdr. Jones. Instead of shutting down the game, he takes an ongoing tribute.



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