Star Trek: The Dark Age

Apr 14 '74

Coltraine coordinates Engineering from her bed in the Medical Bay. She comes up with the idea to incorporate Nausciaan ship pieces as a band aid solution to get the ship running again.

Volkov relays his suspicions about Brody to Dru and together they ask Tessit if he knows of any beings that would be capable of such feats.

During the conversation Tessit becomes emotional and asks to speak to Dru alone. He informs her that her planet had voluntarily forsaken technology 300 years ago and that there exists a Cabal who are charged with ensuring that the planet does not rediscover much of the advancements they had given up, and does not rekindle an interest in space exploration. Inside this Cabal is a splinter group who believe that the best solution is to allow some space exploration to satisfy curiosity. Once space is found to be desolate and dangerous the desire to explore will be quenched and no longer a threat. Not only does every member of this Cabal possesses telepathic powers, but the Cabal has horded technology for itself and employs it to monitor the planet. The Cabal has sleeper agents aboard the ship who are equipped with devices that enable them to communicate with the home planet. Tessit is supposed to be one of these agents.

On the heels of Tessit’s revelation, Brody appears in Dru’s ready room to reveal himself as Q. He faked the Nausciaan attack as a way to measure the newly starfaring humans. He tells Dru about the Cataclysm – what happened and why. He asks her to keep his real identity a secret. Coltraine put into restorative coma for 24 hours to allow her body to heal prior to any attempt to restore power and warp capabilities to the ship.



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