Star Trek: The Dark Age

Apr 25 '74

Day 2 at Echo Drift

The transporter is used to transmute excess ammunition to gold. The result is 316.8 lbs of gold and 9.9 lbs of lithium. The gold is taken to be stored in the Brig until a suitable storage facility can be built

Lured out by a suspicious sound, Coltraine is led to a section of the Drift inhabited by the La-Ko-Ta where she experiences a spirit talk with her grandfather – a deceased mechanimist – who helps her to put recent events in perspective.

Dru is invited to brunch with the Drift’s Governing Council. Once there she is asked to ferry away the Drift’s illegal indigent population which has reached a critical mass. In return, they will pay for the intermix chamber and new lungs for crew members who were poisoned in the Engineering incident.

Returning from the brunch Dru meets a former Starfleet officer and Sparn named Uta Gin’bella. Before he dies he gifts her with a Sparn egg and an encoded PADD with sparn rearing information. Also on the PADD is information about a shipyard that vanished hundreds of years ago and is presumed to be traveling through time.

The egg hatches shortly after it is brought aboard the ship. Master Chief Kerr immediately steps in to take control and the young Sparn is eventually placed in his guardianship.

Dru returns to the Drift to meet with Barnabas and is informed that the reason the indigents are such a threat is because the Syndicate likes to manipulate them to attack the Council and make them appear weak.

Coltraine, Danvers, and Tessit conduct interviews for prospective new engineers. A wide variety of people apply and eventually all of them are accepted.

In a supper meeting, it is decided that an offer will be made to take any homeless aboard the Drift to a new location for resettlement. No one will be forced onto the ship. The rogue shipyard will appear two days hence. Once the emigrants are taken aboard the Praetorian will head to the expected location for the reappearance of the shipyard and a decision on how to proceed will be made at that time.



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