Star Trek: The Dark Age

Apr 27 '74

Day 4 at Echo Drift

The new Intermix chamber is installed.

Coltraine tells the engineering crew of Kestra’s abilities.

A lottery is held to choose 600 passengers to board. Two decks on the starboard side are cordoned off for their use.

Dru colludes with Marshall Lane to fake the death of the Bolian, Dawes, to smuggle him and his family on board. Eight hundred pounds of Dawes’ gold is given as payment to the Marshall, leaving the Praetorian with two hundred pounds as payment as well as the 160 pounds that was meant for the chamber.

Peacekeeper Ross delivers the bodies disguised as medical supplies and wants to join our crew. He is taken aboard as a refugee.

With all passengers aboard and a functioning Engineering department the Praetorian sets a course for the calculated location of the shipyard.



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