Star Trek: The Dark Age

April 26 '74

Day 3 at Echo Drift

The biologists aboard the Praetorian want to study the baby Sparn. They approach Danvers. In consultation with the Captain the collection of medical and cultural data is to begin with willing participants.

Lt. Beckett is sent down to the Drift to gather names of resettlement prospects and listen for rumours. Within a few hours there are over 1000 people who want to be resettled.

Dru gives the new terms to governing council – she will take the willing and, as the lungs and half of the chamber have been paid for, they will resupply the Medical Bay and waive the docking fees for 1 year. The Ferengi council member, Proth, agrees pay the balance owing on the chamber.

A Bolian with Syndicate death mark approaches Dru with a plea to take him and his family for resettlement. Dru tells him to get back in line and is unsure whether or not she wants to take the risk. Mere hours later Beckett is dropped off at the gangplank with his throat cut and a Syndicate sigil branded onto him as a message to Dru to mind her own business. He remains in stable but critical condition.

Muckers short out half of security deck by placing a metal bench along the electrified cell bars while in the drunk tank.

Kestra, a new engineering recruit, gives false genetic material to the doctors during her initial medical screening. It turns out she is a Betazoid who does not want to be forced to scan people and consequently, she hides her true race.



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