• Alan Kerr

    Alan Kerr

    A tall, muscular and broad-shouldered older man with much of his red hair having fallen out though he still has a full beard. Gruff, no-nonsense and to the point at all times but with a compassionate streak.
  • Diane S. Cole

    Diane S. Cole

    A mature woman in good physical condition for her age. She is of medium height and build with auburn hair shot through with streaks of grey and large, warm brown eyes. Her voice is measured and induces calm, along with her disarming smile.
  • Elgen Tessit

    Elgen Tessit

    A slightly wild-looking old humanoid with long white hair and an inquisitive glint in his eye. He is almost always dressed in a threadbare trenchcoat and athletic shoes.
  • Evelyn T. MacGruder

    Evelyn T. MacGruder

    A short older woman with a powerful frame despite her size, buzzcut salt and pepper hair and a look of pure cruelty in her eyes. She does not yell when she talks and yet could strip the paint from a duranium bulkhead in seconds.
  • Frederick "Freddie" Bale

    Frederick "Freddie" Bale

    An earnest looking man in his early thirties of medium height and muscular build with cat-like reflexes and an even temperament. His hair is dark brown, almost black and his eyes are a light grey.
  • Lhon


    A roughly dome-shaped creature whose maximum height is approximately 3ft from the ground. His overall color and external texture is that of a macaroni casserole, but in reality he is surrounded by a carapace as hard as rock.
  • Lyman Brody

    Lyman Brody

    A man of medium height, muscular frame and rough appearance with medium length brown hair appearing to go grey in places and soft green eyes. He dresses in the sturdy working clothes of a commercial free trading captain.
  • Matthew J. Jones

    Matthew J. Jones

    A middle aged man of medium height and the ropey muscles of a lifelong sailor. He walks with a pronounced rolling gait and constantly wears a white sailor's cap. His left forearm has a large tattoo of an anthropomorphic shark standing on its rear fins.
  • Rayburn A. Grant

    Rayburn A. Grant

    An earnest looking man in his early twenties of medium height and medium build with short blonde hair and light blue eyes.
  • Sooraya Durani

    Sooraya Durani

    A short, thin, almost slight woman in her early twenties with long, dark brown hair pulled into a single heavy braid. Her eyes are large and give the impression of missing nothing. She speaks rarely, but when she does she is to the point.
  • William "Wild Bill" Purcell

    William "Wild Bill" Purcell

    A short, thin man with greying, crew cut brown hair and large brown eyes. He always sports a confident and calm demeanor regardless of circumstance.