Alan Kerr

A tall, muscular and broad-shouldered older man with much of his red hair having fallen out though he still has a full beard. Gruff, no-nonsense and to the point at all times but with a compassionate streak.


Master Chief Petty Officer Alan Gaylord Kerr was born in Ulcax Bay on November 30th, 2704 (‘13 P.S.C or 251 PC) to a fishing family. He fell in love with the sea early in his life and became an extremely skilled sailor and fisherman.

When the Global War began he enlisted with the Queensland Royal Navy and served for a year on the Corvette Campbeltown as a helmsman before volunteering to joinng the newly created Special Boat Service (S.B.S.). As an S.B.S. commando he completed scores of missions for the Crown and was highly decorated. Unfortunately, the war cost him his wife and young daughter who were in Coventry when it was bombed by Socialist forces.

At war’s end, he remained with the S.B.S. until he grew restless looking for something different. When he heard of the launch of the U.S.S. Praetorian, he used some of his potent contacts within the Admiralty to arrange an interview with Commander Dru in order to apply for the as yet unfilled position of Chief of the Boat.

He was hired on and has served with distinction in this regard since the launch of the ship three years after its discovery.

Kerr has also recently become the guardian of Echo Gin’Bella – a recently hatched baby Sparn entrusted to the ship’s care by Uta Gin’Bella – formerly of the original Starfleet. The infant and the older sailor have taken an immediate liking to each other and Commander Dru has – as of this writing decided to allow Kerr to become the little Sparn’s legal guardian.

Alan Kerr

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