Matthew J. Jones

A middle aged man of medium height and the ropey muscles of a lifelong sailor. He walks with a pronounced rolling gait and constantly wears a white sailor's cap. His left forearm has a large tattoo of an anthropomorphic shark standing on its rear fins.


Matthew Jason Jones was born on June 23rd, 2725 (‘37 PSC, 264 PC) in Duthy’s Territory to a lobster fisherman. His mother died in childbirth. In early childhood, young Matthew had a moderate phobia of the sea. Unfortunately, since his father was a fisherman and he had no other family, his father had no choice but to bring him aboard his boat when he went out to lay and check his traps. In order to cope with his fear, young Matthew often hid in small compartments aboard his father’s boat. In nautical terms, said compartments were known as “Cuddys”, thus his father nicknamed him Cuddy – a moniker that remains with him to this day.

When the Global War erupted, Matthew’s father joined the N.T.C. navy and his son was put into foster care. While separated from his father, he began to look upon the times he spent aboard his boat when he was younger as ideal compared to his current situation. Thus, when his father mustered out partway through the war and returned home to take his son sailing, Cuddy discovered his fear of the ocean was gone. Indeed he took to the art and science of seafaring with a vigor that surprised everyone.

In early ‘56, just after the war was over Cuddy joined the same navy his father had served in. Though he was technically old enough to join during wartime, his father had forbidden it and (after numerous heated arguments) Matthew obeyed the stricture – though it would put a strain on the relationship between father and son which wouldn’t be resolved before his father died in ‘65.

An early encounter with a RedRidge whale fostered a love in Cuddy for the sounds of the sea, thus in the navy he became a sonar operator – one so skilled that he was in high demand. Rather than remain in the N.T.C.’s Navy however, he decided to apply to be head of the Communications Department aboard the U.S.S. Praetorian.

Matthew J. Jones

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