Diane S. Cole

A mature woman in good physical condition for her age. She is of medium height and build with auburn hair shot through with streaks of grey and large, warm brown eyes. Her voice is measured and induces calm, along with her disarming smile.


Deacon Diane Shannon Cole was born on March 15th, 2711 (‘23 PSC, 250 PC) in Simon’s Territory to a working class family. From an early age she felt a calling to serve the Book and Cross (and through it her fellow human beings) and so dedicated her entire life to this endeavor.

In early 2729 she applied to and was accepted at the prestigious Hotchkiss Seminary in Duthy’s territory. Her goal was to become a Vicar – an entry level community religious leader analogous to a Catholic priest. Normally the program requires ten years of theoretical and practical studies before a novitiate can receive her collar, but when the Global war arrived the Holy Church decided that anyone who would join the fight would be given the title “Chaplain” and all of the powers vested in a Vicar.

Thus Cole went to minister soldiers on the front lines – not because she coveted the title and powers/responsibilities that came with it, but because she felt she could do the most good there. She was assigned to the infamous 5th Infantry Division and stood alongside the troops in almost every Continental Campaign (the name given to battles fought on Socialist soil) and was wounded ten times in the discharge of her duties. Not only did she never cringe or shirk under fire, but she also never used a weapon. Her phenomenal bravery and devotion to the troops saw that she was one of the few Chaplains who were honored with line military medals – three times.

When the war was over she was invited to help form a permanent Chaplain’s Corp within the N.T.C. She accepted this task but found that as she was completing it her heart yearned for a greater challenge. After spending a great deal of time praying and consulting with elders of the Church she applied for a position on the U.S.S. Praetorian as her Chaplain. Because of a bureaucratic snafu her application wasn’t processed before the ship could launch on her initial cruise and shakedown, but the Praetorian’s recent return has made it possible for Cole to join her crew and bring her skills to bear in the face of the unknown.

Diane S. Cole

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