Lyman Brody

A man of medium height, muscular frame and rough appearance with medium length brown hair appearing to go grey in places and soft green eyes. He dresses in the sturdy working clothes of a commercial free trading captain.


This member of the Q Continuum has always been interested in and sympathetic to humankind. Unlike the first member of his race to make contact with the Federation, Brody has no interest in tormenting the “fleshy beings” – he sees that as barbaric. He believes that while it is permissible to test humanity, threats and torture have no place in those tests.

Instead he assumes the form and identity of Lyman Brody – one of his first human friends many years earlier. Brody was a freighter captain and a free trader. When he passed away, Q simply picked up where he left off. Having done so, he ventures into the stars to study people on their own terms while immersed in their environment with them.

While Brody’s general attitude is not to interfere, he has on occasion been known to provide some small amount of assistance if he feels the situation calls for it. Indeed he often helps “reflexively” before he can exert his discipline to stop himself.

So far he has only revealed his presence to a select number of the Praetorian’s crew, and the only reason he did that was because he felt he had no choice. As of this writing it is his intention to keep the number of individuals who know precisely what he is to a minimum.

Lyman Brody

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