Sylika Dru

Captain of the Starship Praetorian


A bright eyed and optimistic woman of average height and athletic build. Dru has dark curly hair and brown eyes.


Commander Sylika A. Dru, born February 1st , 2734 (281 P.C., ‘43 P.S.C), is the eldest child of General Kyler A. Dru and Skyla Kendall Dru, a professor of Philosophy at Booth University.

Dru’s adventurous spirit was apparent from a young age. By her mid teens she was labeled a ‘Thrill Seeker’, deriving great enjoyment from activities such as white water rafting, mountain climbing, and off-road racing before she even had her driver’s license.

Coming from a family with a rich military history, Dru broke away from tradition into a different discipline when she graduated early from the prestigious Kingstone University with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science.

An explorer at heart, Dru took a year off after university to travel the world and seek out new adrenaline highs. Among other feats, Dru sampled kite-surfing, paragliding, sky diving, rock climbing, and spelunking.

But it was climbing Hessia’s Mount Turenne and spending time with a professional aerobatics pilot in Hunter’s Valley that focused Dru’s attention. From the top of the tallest peak on the planet, she could see the sky with a clarity she never had before. And flights with the young pilot awakened the love of flight deep in her blood.

Setting her sights on the stars Dru went on to complete a Masters in Astronautics. From university, she joined the space program with the hopes of one day becoming a Mission or Payload Specialist. At the urging of Virgil Stackhouse she became part of the Astronaut Candidate Program and spend the next two years in training. During this time she also earned an advanced degree in Aviation Systems.

Dru excelled in the Candidate Program. Demonstrating a fearless determination and a lust for learning coupled with high aptitude test scores, Dru was chosen as Commander of first manned expedition into space. That mission’s failures resulted in the discovery of the Praetorian.

With her multidisciplinary background, and being the sole trained Commander with any experience in space travel, Dru was the natural choice for commanding officer of the newfound ship.

Both of her parents currently reside in the Rundgren Territory along with her younger brother, Caderyn, who is a Captain in the NTC Air Force.

Dru’s Personal and Captain Logs can be found at

Sylika Dru

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