A roughly dome-shaped creature whose maximum height is approximately 3ft from the ground. His overall color and external texture is that of a macaroni casserole, but in reality he is surrounded by a carapace as hard as rock.


Lhon was one of the last of his mother’s egg clutch to hatch on Janus VI (which, upon discovery of the Horta, the Federation turned into a wildlife preserve, withdrawing all of its mining operations). He emerged from his egg on or about September 25th, 2278 (-183 PC) Being extremely curious, he soon made contact with the Preserve Wardens set to guard him and his clutch-mates from outside intrusion.

The conversations he had with them awakened within him a voracious thirst for knowledge and he soon realized a career in something called “Starfleet” was the best way to slake that thirst. Thus he obtained the sponsorship of the ranking officer among the Wardens, submitted his application to the Academy in San Francisco and was soon a cadet like any other.

Though Lhon was an eager learner, he was not an especially gifted student. Still, he possessed sufficient quality to graduate with the rest of his class as an Ensign an while his grades weren’t sufficient to permit him his choice of assignments, he was able to find a posting that suited his innate talents with lithic structures. He joined the Starfleet Corps of Engineers – Terraforming Division.

He was away on assignment when the B’hurag triggered the Great Cataclysm and because of his unique nature was the only member of his ship’s crew to survive. He remained on a planet that had almost completely turned to crystal for three hundred years until he was discovered by the U.S.S. Praetorian. By that time of course, Starfleet no longer existed, but Commander Dru offered him a place on the ship and even permitted him to retain his commission.

Being the first visibly “different” alien aboard the Praetorian, Lhon has become something of a mascot for much of the crew. His quarters were filled with toy objects (squeaky toys are his favorite) and various other curious donated by his shipmates. Realizing he required a mode of communication that was more practical than etching messages into the hull, Lt. Commander Coltraine supervised the construction of a text-to-speech device for him, which has helped him connect with the crew immensely.

Lhon does not wear a uniform due to his morphology, indeed the only markings he possesses anywhere on his body is a directional arrow pointing to his anterior “end” that an unknown individual painted there early on. If Lhon objects to this sign, he has given no indication of it so far. Indeed, he believes it is a form of welcome and seems delighted.

Recently Lhon and Echo Gin’Bella have become fast friends and can often be seen playing together when Lhon is not on duty.


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