Sooraya Durani

A short, thin, almost slight woman in her early twenties with long, dark brown hair pulled into a single heavy braid. Her eyes are large and give the impression of missing nothing. She speaks rarely, but when she does she is to the point.


Sooraya Risa Durani was born on December 3rd, 2741 (‘49 P.S.C., 288 P.C.) in the tiny nation of E’Sorrod located in the Eastern Bloc at the western foot of the Zhavarjan Mountains. Her parents were both members of the Qui-Don warrior sect of the poorly understood (at least to outsiders) religion of Ah’Slam.

At an early age Sooraya showed that she possessed all of the necessary talents to one day become Qui-Don herself, so her parents allowed her to be taken and trained. She spent the next fifteen years studying under a local Ta’Lim (teacher), but this relationship was often a strained one, with Sooraya repeatedly asking “impertinent” questions concerning the techniques of the Qui-Don martial art.

Matters between she and her Ta’Lim continued to deteriorate until it came time for her to accept marriage between herself and a nearby rival chieftain. This was to be a political affair that would cement relations between several of the nearby tribes but she refused the arrangement – an act that had never occurred before.

Before matters could erupt into open warfare, Durani was whisked away to another part of the country where she was to be “disciplined”. In reality, a relative of one of the delegates from E’Sorrod to the U.N. tried to convince his cousin to take her on as a bodyguard. He was refused, but it was soon decided that a presence by the tiny nation could be established on a new and international venture into the stars. Thus, Sooraya Durani was assigned to the U.S.S. Praetorian – Security Division.

Though at first she fit in well with the Department, she was removed from active duty by Lt. Cmdr Sanders after her refusal to wear standard issue body armor as ordered by superior officers. Not wanting her completely removed from the crew, Commander Dru (at the strong urging of Lt. Cmdr Grant) took her on as a personal bodyguard. Thus she became the first member of (and thus in effect formed) the Special Command Protective Detail – where she serves as of this writing.

Sooraya Durani

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