Elgen Tessit

A slightly wild-looking old humanoid with long white hair and an inquisitive glint in his eye. He is almost always dressed in a threadbare trenchcoat and athletic shoes.


After living a long and fruitful life at various careers ranging from strategic analyst for Starfleet Intelligence to schoolteacher, Mr. Tessit recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in archival and museum exhibit studies. As a “favor” to him for his many years of service to the Federation he was granted the Curator’s position of the newly established Starfleet Branch Museum on the U.S.S. Praetorian.

Shortly before the attack by the B’hurag the Praetorian was successfully placed in its Lagrange Point and underwent a Beta Stage Decommissioning Process. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated that only Tessit himself was aboard the vessel when the cataclysm struck.

Shortly thereafter the ship was forcibly boarded by a party whose precise affiliation is not as of this writing known. They attempted to initiate the Praetorian’s self destruct sequence but were met with failure because she had been Beta Stage Decommissioned and the intruders lacked the technical expertise to circumvent that obstacle.

Instead they threatened that if Mr. Tessit ever revealed his presence or that of the Praetorian to the inhabitants of Proxima Secundus he would be killed.

So for three hundred years he lived aboard his floating museum, existing but never truly living.

Until the Zeus rocket launched from the planet below.

When the Zeus mission suffered catastrophic mechanical failure midway from the planet to Lygos, Flight Director Deke Stackhouse instructed Mr. Tessit to take no action, but in a rare show of defiance, that instruction was ignored.

Tessit used the ship’s transporter to remove the astronauts aboard the capsule. His plan was to transfer them to the Praetorian temporarily while he made the complex calculations required to place them back on Proxima Secundus. Unfortunately, shortly after the initial transportation there was an equipment malfunction that left the astronauts stranded aboard the ship.

Eventually, the astronauts managed to establish contact with their homeworld again and get the Praetorian to assume a closer orbit using impulse power.

After several years of debriefing, Tessit was permitted to rejoin the crew as a consultant. He has served in this capacity ever since.

Elgen Tessit

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