Rayburn A. Grant

An earnest looking man in his early twenties of medium height and medium build with short blonde hair and light blue eyes.


Lt. Comdr. Rayburn Ajax Grant was born on March 15th 2738 (285 P.C.) in the Westfalia Territory of the Nine Territories Confederacy.

The son of a naval officer who served in the N.T.C. Navy during the Great War, young Rayburn took an early interest in the military – an interest that was fostered by his parents whenever possible. At age 7 he was enrolled in the Sutcliff Academy, the premiere private military preparatory school on the eastern seaboard. Even at an early age he distinguished himself as a keen strategic thinker and by the time he had reached the age of 14 he was marked for enriched education.

At 16 he enrolled in the Deepwater School, the primary training facility for officers of the N.T.C. Navy. He was the second youngest cadet that school had ever seen but his potential as an excellent career officer was marked almost immediately and he was soon shunted to the Confederate Naval Fast Track Program (nick-named the Mako School) where he continued to excel and top his classes in naval tactics, weapons and command theory. Not long after his 19th birthday he graduated head of his class and was immediately commissioned as a full lieutenant (a commission almost never bestowed to graduates who have yet to prove themselves in the field).

Immediately after graduation he served aboard the C.S.S. Addison Hayes (A Craye Class aircraft carrier) for two years rotating through various positions. Upon finishing that tour of duty he was assigned to the C.S.S. Stingray (A Riptide Class light cruiser) as her Executive Officer – making history as the youngest non-brevet officer ever to hold such a position. He continued to serve with distinction for three more years before becoming eligible for his own command. But rather than offer him a surface naval command, he was instead urged to apply for a position with the Consolidated Confederate Space Bureau to become a member of the crew of the U.S.S. Praetorian.

In 2762 he beat out several thousand other candidates for the Executive Officer’s position aboard the U.S.S. Praetorian and has served with her ever since.

Grant’s tenure as Executive Officer aboard the Praetorian was short (a little over a month) and thus it is difficult to properly gauge whether or not he excelled in this post. In late April of 2762, Grant headed up the recovery team tasked with salvaging the ships contained within the Starfleet Decommissioning Yard JW-707A. The Yard had only just emerged from what was believed to be a self-generated chronological anomaly and it was widely recognized that it had to be approached with some degree of caution.

Despite all attempts to handle the Yard carefully, Grant and the rest of the team under his command (along with Lt. Bowman and his First Contact team) were caught up in a random cycling of the Decommissioning Yard through various specific and repeated time periods. Unfortunately, one of those periods was/is the destruction of the known galaxy by the B’Hurag. Soon after the chrono-shifting began, the team came under attack by a beastly B’hurag hunter. Grant was one of its victims and even though he was not properly ingested by the hunter, he was still horribly wounded.

As soon as was possible, Grant was placed in a liquid healing medium aboard the Praetorian as she returned to Proxima Secundus. Once on the planet he was taken off the ship and placed in a long term care facility. As of this writing his prognosis is guardedly optimistic, though it is widely believed the hunter’s attack will have lasting negative effects Grant will endure for the rest of his natural life.

Rayburn A. Grant

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