Evelyn T. MacGruder

A short older woman with a powerful frame despite her size, buzzcut salt and pepper hair and a look of pure cruelty in her eyes. She does not yell when she talks and yet could strip the paint from a duranium bulkhead in seconds.


Evelyn Teresa MacGruder was born in the Ulysses Territory of the N.T.C. on February 14th, 2713 (‘25 PSC, 252 PC) to a military family. Her father had been a Drill Instructor in the N.T.C. Marine Corps and her mother had served in that unit as well. Thus when she reached the age of enlistment she did so without hesitation. When the Global War erupted, she was among the first Confederate Marines to see combat assisting the Queenslanders in repelling invasions of Socialist troops from their soil.

While in Queensland she sustained a serious wound to her abdomen and she was rotated back to the N.T.C. to convalesce. Despite being given the option to receive a discharge and sit the rest of the War out, she elected to walk the hard road of rehabilitation. When she was fit to return to active service the Marines decided she would be much more valuable in a training role than in front line combat and thus she became one of the youngest D.I.’s in the Confederate Corp’s history. She accepted this appointment with great reluctance and initial dismay but soon discovered an enormous talent for shaping raw recruits into fighting Marines. She earned the nickname “The Steel Bitch” for her unflagging demands for greater and greater efforts from her recruits combined with a seeming inability to hear their cries for mercy.

When the War ended she remained with the Corps, eventually rising to the rank of First Sergeant and becoming an integral part of their post-war training regimen. When the newly minted U.N.E.D.F. Marine Corps was brought into existence it was recognized early on that the first Sergeant Major of the Detachment would play a pivotal role in shaping the behavior of those who would come aftewards. Thus her name was immediately brought to the forefront. She was urged to apply for the position and was immediately accepted when she did.

Evelyn T. MacGruder

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