Frederick "Freddie" Bale

An earnest looking man in his early thirties of medium height and muscular build with cat-like reflexes and an even temperament. His hair is dark brown, almost black and his eyes are a light grey.


Lt. Frederick Bale was born July 11th 2728 (275 P.C. ‘37 P.S.C.) to a shopkeeper’s family in the Ulysses Territory of the N.T.C. At the age of 9 he joined the Pathfinders (an organization analogous to the Terran Boy Scouts) and showed a true affinity for the wilderness. He also joined a shooter’s club at age 10 and showed remarkable skill with rifles of all kinds – winning every single long range marksmanship competition he ever entered.

Unfortunately (and much to the chagrin of the Pathfinders) Bale soon began to combine his two chief interests and brought his rifle along with him on Pathfinder Troop retreats and jamborees. After he turned several of these group functions into impromptu safaris, he was expelled from the Pathfinders and blacklisted from similar organizations. But by then he felt he had “grown out” of those organizations and learned all they could teach him.

As soon as he reached age of majority, he left home and traveled the world honing his wilderness survival and hunting skills by stalking some of Proxima Secundus’ most dangerous big game animals. He made his first prize level kill when he was barely 19 – a particularly large specimen of Hessian Polar Bear whose skin he carries with him as a blanket to this day.

While he was too young to serve in the military during the Global War, he did develop relationships with notable key members of the Rampart Armory (the key small arms corporation employed by the N.T.C. both during and after the conflict) and was able to use those connections to procure some hunting rifles in enormous calibers. By the age of 25 he was regularly taking down large animals with these weapons and becoming famous for doing so among big game hunters everywhere.

As he entered his early thirties however, he began to feel that his traditional hunting had lost its challenge. Believing he required a new purpose for his life (and that surely in outer space there would be new and exciting animals to take for trophies) he joined the crew of the U.S.S. Praetorian’s Tactical Department.

It should be noted that while the philosophical divide that currently grips his department carries his name, he has always attempted to keep both virtual halves of it together and functioning harmoniously. While some believe this is an expression of enlightened self interest, most who observe it come to the conclusion that Lt. Bale is sincere in his attempts to maintain good will across the department.

Frederick "Freddie" Bale

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