William "Wild Bill" Purcell

A short, thin man with greying, crew cut brown hair and large brown eyes. He always sports a confident and calm demeanor regardless of circumstance.


Lt. Cmdr. William Quincy Purcell was born on October 12th, 2721 (268 P.C., ‘30 P.S.C.) into an agricultural family living in the well known Fagerbakke Point ranching territory in Saxony.

Though his early life was rather unremarkable, its course (as with that of many others) would be forever altered by the coming of the Global War. While he was too young to join the United Kingdom’s military when hostilities first erupted (being only 15 in 2736 [283 P.C., ‘45 P.S.C.]), he lied about his age and immediately enlisted in the U.K. navy upon the occasion of his 17th birthday.

Purcell served with distinction upon numerous surface vessels during that conflict and while doing so, slowly earned two reputations. The first was as a naval weapons officer whose skills few could match. The second was of a staid and calm lifestyle – one seemingly at odds with the stereotypical image of the “rowdy sailor”. He did not smoke or carouse and drank nothing more potent than strong tea. While his fellow crewmembers tended to interpret these traits as the hallmark of a consummate bore, his superiors took it as a sign of maturity and marked young Purcell for promotion.

By the war’s end, Purcell had achieved the rank of Lt. Commander aboard His Majesty’s Ship, the Dauntless – the largest and most powerful battleship fielded by any navy anywhere. During peacetime he was instrumental in reforming and honing Saxony’s contribution to the U.K.’s more streamlined and efficient post war navy.

Part of this process was continual exercises and maneuvers between the U.K. and the armed forces of the N.T.C. During those events he consistently took every single gunnery trophy and held every record for the same until he left that branch of the service. It was during this period that he earned the nickname “Wild Bill” from members of the N.T.C. navy as a joking reference to his tea-totaling lifestyle.

Purcell now serves as the head of the Tactical Department aboard the U.S.S. Praetorian. As of this writing he has had little opportunity to truly test his skills and spends a great deal of his time managing what has come to be known among members of his Department as the Bale Divide

William "Wild Bill" Purcell

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