Star Trek: The Dark Age

Apr 27 '74
Day 4 at Echo Drift

The new Intermix chamber is installed.

Coltraine tells the engineering crew of Kestra’s abilities.

A lottery is held to choose 600 passengers to board. Two decks on the starboard side are cordoned off for their use.

Dru colludes with Marshall Lane to fake the death of the Bolian, Dawes, to smuggle him and his family on board. Eight hundred pounds of Dawes’ gold is given as payment to the Marshall, leaving the Praetorian with two hundred pounds as payment as well as the 160 pounds that was meant for the chamber.

Peacekeeper Ross delivers the bodies disguised as medical supplies and wants to join our crew. He is taken aboard as a refugee.

With all passengers aboard and a functioning Engineering department the Praetorian sets a course for the calculated location of the shipyard.

April 26 '74
Day 3 at Echo Drift

The biologists aboard the Praetorian want to study the baby Sparn. They approach Danvers. In consultation with the Captain the collection of medical and cultural data is to begin with willing participants.

Lt. Beckett is sent down to the Drift to gather names of resettlement prospects and listen for rumours. Within a few hours there are over 1000 people who want to be resettled.

Dru gives the new terms to governing council – she will take the willing and, as the lungs and half of the chamber have been paid for, they will resupply the Medical Bay and waive the docking fees for 1 year. The Ferengi council member, Proth, agrees pay the balance owing on the chamber.

A Bolian with Syndicate death mark approaches Dru with a plea to take him and his family for resettlement. Dru tells him to get back in line and is unsure whether or not she wants to take the risk. Mere hours later Beckett is dropped off at the gangplank with his throat cut and a Syndicate sigil branded onto him as a message to Dru to mind her own business. He remains in stable but critical condition.

Muckers short out half of security deck by placing a metal bench along the electrified cell bars while in the drunk tank.

Kestra, a new engineering recruit, gives false genetic material to the doctors during her initial medical screening. It turns out she is a Betazoid who does not want to be forced to scan people and consequently, she hides her true race.

Apr 25 '74
Day 2 at Echo Drift

The transporter is used to transmute excess ammunition to gold. The result is 316.8 lbs of gold and 9.9 lbs of lithium. The gold is taken to be stored in the Brig until a suitable storage facility can be built

Lured out by a suspicious sound, Coltraine is led to a section of the Drift inhabited by the La-Ko-Ta where she experiences a spirit talk with her grandfather – a deceased mechanimist – who helps her to put recent events in perspective.

Dru is invited to brunch with the Drift’s Governing Council. Once there she is asked to ferry away the Drift’s illegal indigent population which has reached a critical mass. In return, they will pay for the intermix chamber and new lungs for crew members who were poisoned in the Engineering incident.

Returning from the brunch Dru meets a former Starfleet officer and Sparn named Uta Gin’bella. Before he dies he gifts her with a Sparn egg and an encoded PADD with sparn rearing information. Also on the PADD is information about a shipyard that vanished hundreds of years ago and is presumed to be traveling through time.

The egg hatches shortly after it is brought aboard the ship. Master Chief Kerr immediately steps in to take control and the young Sparn is eventually placed in his guardianship.

Dru returns to the Drift to meet with Barnabas and is informed that the reason the indigents are such a threat is because the Syndicate likes to manipulate them to attack the Council and make them appear weak.

Coltraine, Danvers, and Tessit conduct interviews for prospective new engineers. A wide variety of people apply and eventually all of them are accepted.

In a supper meeting, it is decided that an offer will be made to take any homeless aboard the Drift to a new location for resettlement. No one will be forced onto the ship. The rogue shipyard will appear two days hence. Once the emigrants are taken aboard the Praetorian will head to the expected location for the reappearance of the shipyard and a decision on how to proceed will be made at that time.

Apr 24 '74

The ship and crew arrive at Echo Drift.

Bowman and his first contact team are sent down to scout out the Drift. A second team consisting of Grant, Tessit, Sanders, Coltrain, Danvers, and Volkov follow to find medical supplies and where to acquire a new intermix chamber.

Apr 21 ' 74

The second attempt at the Fuller surgery is successful.

Apr 20 ' 74

Volkov attempts to surgically repair Fuller’s back. Unsure that he will be successful he stops the surgery. Sanders takes the Dr. drinking.

Apr 19 ' 74

Upon hearing that the economy on Echo Drift is based on gold, Giles sets out to create gold out of lead using the transporter. Unable to get permission from the busy people in the Engineering department, Giles takes it upon himself to experiment and perfect his procedure

Apr 18 '74

Dru tells Danvers and Sanders about the true history of their planet and the existence of the Cabal. She has them assign people from their departments to search the ship for technology that looks like it does not belong lest the Cabal has planted listening or incendiary devices aboard.

Sanders resolves to constantly think “You son of a bitch, I am going to kill you” and see who reacts as a means to ferret out psions.

Grant adds Tobias Pennyworth to Dru’s new Special Command Protection Detail.

Apr 15 ' 74

Attempts fail to integrate Nausciaan pieces into the Praetorian. Coltraine manages to wring a bit more life out of current chamber.

A course set for Echo Drift.

Apr 14 '74

Coltraine coordinates Engineering from her bed in the Medical Bay. She comes up with the idea to incorporate Nausciaan ship pieces as a band aid solution to get the ship running again.

Volkov relays his suspicions about Brody to Dru and together they ask Tessit if he knows of any beings that would be capable of such feats.

During the conversation Tessit becomes emotional and asks to speak to Dru alone. He informs her that her planet had voluntarily forsaken technology 300 years ago and that there exists a Cabal who are charged with ensuring that the planet does not rediscover much of the advancements they had given up, and does not rekindle an interest in space exploration. Inside this Cabal is a splinter group who believe that the best solution is to allow some space exploration to satisfy curiosity. Once space is found to be desolate and dangerous the desire to explore will be quenched and no longer a threat. Not only does every member of this Cabal possesses telepathic powers, but the Cabal has horded technology for itself and employs it to monitor the planet. The Cabal has sleeper agents aboard the ship who are equipped with devices that enable them to communicate with the home planet. Tessit is supposed to be one of these agents.

On the heels of Tessit’s revelation, Brody appears in Dru’s ready room to reveal himself as Q. He faked the Nausciaan attack as a way to measure the newly starfaring humans. He tells Dru about the Cataclysm – what happened and why. He asks her to keep his real identity a secret. Coltraine put into restorative coma for 24 hours to allow her body to heal prior to any attempt to restore power and warp capabilities to the ship.


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