Star Trek: The Dark Age

The Adventures of the Grandchildren of Starfleet
The Captain's Logs and Timelines

August 28th, 2759:

After some controversy and numerous design challenges, Proxima Secundus’ first manned mission to it’s nearest moon – Lygos – is launched.

The Consolidated Confederate Space Bureau called it the Zeus I mission. An enormous rocket called Olympus launches, taking its five crewmembers – Commander Sylika Dru, Pilot Kevin Sanders, Scientiest Q. Danvers, Engineer Viera Coltraine, and Dr. Ivan Volkov – on a path to history.

But less than a single day after initial blastoff, the Zeus encountered a catastrophic, cross-systemic failure which would soon have caused the mission to fail and left everyone aboard dead.

But unbeknown to any of the astronauts – indeed not even to the C.C.S.B. itself, there was help nearby. Three centuries earlier, the United Federation of Planets had decided (as a form of political pork-barreling) to establish a branch of the Starfleet Museum in the Proxima Draconis solar system. Since most branches of the Museum are housed in decommissioned starships, the U.S.S. Praetorian was selected to act as the branch vessel. It was placed at a Lagrange point between Lygos and Proxima Secundus (a small agricultural colony at the heart of the Proxima Draconis System).

Unfortunately, before it could be completely decommissioned, completely staffed and fully brought up to speed – the great galactic cataclysm occurred, leaving the Praetorian (as well as the planet it sat quietly near) completely cut off.

It’s lone surviving crewmember was an El-Aurian named Elgen Tessit. Since the El-Aurians are a race of long-lived people, he was still very much alive when the Zeus first radioed into mission control that it was experiencing serious problems. Tessit then (despite having remained hidden from the world below for centuries) decided to help. He used the Praetorian’s transporter to pull the astronauts from their capsule. The plan was to bring them aboard the Praetorian briefly and then transport them back to their world.

Unfortunately the transporter failed and the astronauts were left to roam freely around a Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser.

Eventually, the Praetorian was brought to Proxima Secundus’ orbit and over the next three years it underwent intensive scientific study while the rest of the planet (particularly the relatively new United Nations) argued over what to do with it.

In the end, it was decided that the ship would once again be sent into the stars to explore and seek out new life and new civilizations.

A new (if somewhat small) crew was selected and on April 8th, 2762, the U.S.S. Praetorian was once again launched to resume it’s mission.

Apr 7 '74

The Praetorian crew, along with Elgen Tessit, board to and embark on their first mission – to pass through the Stygian Belt and map the system solar system, then return to Proxima Secundus.

Apr 8 '74

Once past the Stygian Belt the ship intercepts an automated distress call from Proxima Prime. Once there the crew find the entire planet in ruins. Inside the governor’s bunker the away team find a log detailing a massive attack by an unknown enemy. To put things in context, Tessit shares recordings of various distress calls from the Cataclysm with the Captain.

With No other planets in system to explore, the Praetorian sets course for home.

Apr 10 '74

Upon return, Cdr. Dru returns to planet for debriefing taking Lt. Cdr. Sanders and Lt. Beckett as a security detail. There is a larger than expected turnout as most of the newly formed United Nations delegates are in attendance.

Among the diplomats is the notorious war criminal Anatoly Nikoleyich Churnuchenko. Face to face with his former torturer, Sanders remains calm and in control. Another former soldier and recipient of Churnuchenko’s attentions, Dave “Dogface” Foliette, is not as cool and collected as Sanders. After a short conversation Sanders convinces Dogface to not start anything at the meeting and to bide his time for a better opportunity.

At the meeting, Dru fully discloses her findings, first to Deke Stackhouse, then to the rest of the assembaly. A vote is taken to determine the fate of the Praetorian. Sixty percent vote to tear down the ship and harvest technology while forty percent vote to keep the ship for exploration. Flight Director Stackhouse overrules the UN decision and allows Praetorian to once again set out into space.

Apr 12 '74

Once again past the Belt the Praetorian receives distress call from Lyman Brody of the freighter Daddy’s Little Girl which is under attack from Nausciaan raiders.

The ship engages the raiders destroying one and disabling another, while one escapes. The damaged ship confiscated for examination.

The crew of the destroyed raider boards DLG. A security team led by Sanders is sent to the DLG where they neutralize the Nausciaan threat with no Praetorian casualties.

Upon investigation the raiders are found to be far below the technology of the Praetorian and it is a wonder that they were even able to fly.

Capt. Brody brought aboard for medical attention. Lt. Cdr. Coltraine and engineering team board DLG for repairs to find that the tech is not as advanced as the Praetorian. Brody’s crew is entirely comprised of androids that seem to be either malfunctioning or malprogrammed.

Capt Brody tells Dru of The Syndicate and shares and updated star map. He suggests she fly to Echo Drift and to find a Grazerite named Barnabas for more info on the Cataclysm then sets off to deliver cargo.

Crewman Giles, the engineer assigned to Transporter duty, inadvertently transports and destroys notes belonging to Lt. Cdr. Danvers. When questioned, it is revealed that he has greatly pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be the upper limits of the transporter’s capabilites.

Sanders finds an illicit poker game run by Lt. Cdr. Jones. Instead of shutting down the game, he takes an ongoing tribute.

Apr 13 '74

Capt Dru decides to map nearby star systems to evaluate PS closest neighbours for threats and allies. While on route to first destination a problem with Matter-Anti-Matter intermix chamber creates a concussion wave with rips through engineering and cripples the ship.

The Praetorian is down for almost 60 hours with minimal power. Engineering casualties are high. Muckers and crew from other departments are also injured in rescue and recovery attempts. Lt. Cdr. Coltraine and Lt. Fuller are both gravely injured. Lt. Yakimoto, away from Engineering at the time, becomes the acting head of Engineering.

Capt. Brody and DLG find Praetorian and offer assistance. Brody passes along information on radiation burns, sickness, and treatment. Dr. Volkov and Danvers work to increase potency and effectiveness of the medical supplies provided by Brody.

While in the medical bay Brody appears to miraculous heal a dying patient. Volkov becomes suspicious and tries to question him but he denies having done anything. Dru tries to question him about how he was able to happen across the ship but when his answers make no sense and he shows in interest in actually explaining himself she lets him go.

Apr 14 '74

Coltraine coordinates Engineering from her bed in the Medical Bay. She comes up with the idea to incorporate Nausciaan ship pieces as a band aid solution to get the ship running again.

Volkov relays his suspicions about Brody to Dru and together they ask Tessit if he knows of any beings that would be capable of such feats.

During the conversation Tessit becomes emotional and asks to speak to Dru alone. He informs her that her planet had voluntarily forsaken technology 300 years ago and that there exists a Cabal who are charged with ensuring that the planet does not rediscover much of the advancements they had given up, and does not rekindle an interest in space exploration. Inside this Cabal is a splinter group who believe that the best solution is to allow some space exploration to satisfy curiosity. Once space is found to be desolate and dangerous the desire to explore will be quenched and no longer a threat. Not only does every member of this Cabal possesses telepathic powers, but the Cabal has horded technology for itself and employs it to monitor the planet. The Cabal has sleeper agents aboard the ship who are equipped with devices that enable them to communicate with the home planet. Tessit is supposed to be one of these agents.

On the heels of Tessit’s revelation, Brody appears in Dru’s ready room to reveal himself as Q. He faked the Nausciaan attack as a way to measure the newly starfaring humans. He tells Dru about the Cataclysm – what happened and why. He asks her to keep his real identity a secret. Coltraine put into restorative coma for 24 hours to allow her body to heal prior to any attempt to restore power and warp capabilities to the ship.

Apr 15 ' 74

Attempts fail to integrate Nausciaan pieces into the Praetorian. Coltraine manages to wring a bit more life out of current chamber.

A course set for Echo Drift.

Apr 18 '74

Dru tells Danvers and Sanders about the true history of their planet and the existence of the Cabal. She has them assign people from their departments to search the ship for technology that looks like it does not belong lest the Cabal has planted listening or incendiary devices aboard.

Sanders resolves to constantly think “You son of a bitch, I am going to kill you” and see who reacts as a means to ferret out psions.

Grant adds Tobias Pennyworth to Dru’s new Special Command Protection Detail.

Apr 19 ' 74

Upon hearing that the economy on Echo Drift is based on gold, Giles sets out to create gold out of lead using the transporter. Unable to get permission from the busy people in the Engineering department, Giles takes it upon himself to experiment and perfect his procedure


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