Charter Arms Assault System-1

Gus gun edit

Weapon Code: Rifle: +2/5L/S/FA/2/12/200ft/60 Grenade Launcher: +1/By grenade type – HE is 9L to a 3×3 square area/S/1/75ft/1 Pulse Phaser Rifle: +2/7L/S/FA/5/15/180ft/60

The CAAS-1 was created to offer UNEDF Marines and other ship’s personnel in need of firepower a tough, reliable and highly versatile weapon that should meet all their needs. A rifle firing 7.62mm duranium tipped ammunition is stacked atop a single-shot break open 35mm grenade launcher and a pulsed phaser carbine system.

The weapon also has a full spectrum sighting system mounted on it which offers a complete suite of target acquisition capability as well as “gun to goggles” projection.

Charter Arms Assault System-1

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