Hoplite UPA-10 Body Armor

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Armor Code: 6/6/-1/1/3 – 3/3/-1/1/0 when not powered.

The Hoplite Protection System is the most advanced piece of personal protection gear currently fielded by the U.N.E.D.F. The system’s foundation is a two-piece, tunic and pants combination, each garment made from a composite of advanced materials highly resistant to damage yet comfortable to wear over long periods of time. It’s permeability can be completely altered by a small electrical charge which can be delivered by the system’s computer. Once the charge is delivered, the garment remains completely sealed until the computer delivers a charge of opposite polarity and vice versa.

Overtop that garment are layered a series of interlocking, duranium laced plates designed to provide a great degree of protection to the wearer’s vital areas while still retaining a high degree of mobility and a low occurrence of fatigue even for a less powerful wearer. These plates also contain the majority of the system’s built-in equipment as well as its oxygen manufacturing and purification gear.

But what is likely the most advanced component of the Hoplite system is its deployable energy shielding which can easily double the protection granted to the wearer. While the deployed shield looks translucent to outside observers, it does not in any way hamper the wearer’s visibility. While some critics believe the energy shielding to be temperamental and extremely needy in terms of maintenance and battery power, none can argue that it’s a first step on the road to lighter, more comprehensive protection.

Hoplite UPA-10 Body Armor

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