The Merandus Conflict

When the UCSC was defeated, it marked the end of the Global War and ushered in a long era of peace on Proxima Secundus. Unfortunately it also marked the beginning of a Cold War – one that would last another fifteen years.

During that Cold War, numerous smaller governmental regimes came under the sway of Socialism as the UCSC sought to do by sheer numbers what they couldn’t accomplish militarily. Thus they supported the Fascist state of Aramatia (located to the south of the continent of Merandus, which is in turn to the south-east of the Eastern Bloc) in its attempt to take over its northern neighbor Rumarra in ‘61.

The Rumarran government, realizing it was grossly outmatched, called to the fledgling U.N. for help. It wasn’t long in arriving. The U.N. sent advisers and materiel to the sub-continent – at first to prop up the Rumarran forces but eventually they had no choice but to take over the bulk of the fighting themselves. For a time, it was feared that the UCSC military would step in and prop up Amaratia – thereby escalating to another Global War, but they simply didn’t have the materiel and political will to do so.

The Merandus Conflict lasted for two and a half years before an armistice was signed and both sides went back to a peaceful if uneasy co-existence, separated by a U.N. contingent of peacekeepers that has remained in effect to this day.

The Merandus Conflict

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