Charter Arms M-75 Squad Automatic Weapon

Charter Arms M-75 Squad Automatic Weapon

Weapon Code Treat as a Heavy Automatic – (+1/8L/S/FA(2/15)/N/A/225ft/200)

When the U.S.S. Praetorian was first brought back to Proxima Secundus, one of the first Combines to be formed was Charter Arms. It was a group of four firearms manufacturers tasked with exploiting any technology found on the Praetorian for the purposes of creating more advanced man-portable weaponry.

Near the end of the Global War, a need for a more portable fully automatic infantry weapon became apparent with the implementation of more sophisticated small unit tactics. Several companies experimented with designs but could not create a reliable weapon that packed an appreciable punch while still weighing less than 30lbs (13.6kg).

Both the arrival of the Praetorian and the Combines Act permitted the leading arms manufacturers of the time to share their innovations and discoveries with each other and the solutions to all of the problems posed by the design fell into place one by one.

The M-75 fires an 8mm rifle round drawn into the weapon from a disintegrating belt link of 300 rounds. This ammunition is stored in a type of open box magazine known as a “pork chop” that hangs underneath the weapon and forward of the trigger. The weapon is powerful, reliable and handled with relative ease by even weaker shooters with the help of either the built in bi-pod or the forestock (which needn’t be removed to use the bi-pod).

Approximately 30 of these weapons are currently being field tested aboard the U.S.S. Praetorian on its maiden mission. As of this writing the M-75 has not seen actual combat and thus no data exists on its performance.

Charter Arms M-75 Squad Automatic Weapon

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